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Nebraska Economic Impacts


  • Nebraska is the number two ethanol producing state in the nation outputting 2.5 billion gallons per year
  • Our ethanol industry represents a $5 billion impact on Nebraska's economy
  • 40% of Nebraska's corn crop begins its value-added journey at a Nebraska ethanol plant
  • The protein value of corn is preserved and used by the animal feeding industry
  • Nebraska's 25 plants directly employ over 1,300 people and provide an economic boost to rural areas

Nebraska Environmental & Health Impacts


  • Ethanol reduces greenhouse gases by 39% (USDA)
  • Ethanol is a renewable energy source
  • Ethanol's energy balance ratio is 2.3 to one, meaning that 2.3 units of energy are created for every one unit of energy required in additional inputs (USDA)
  • Ethanol reduces CO2 by 35%, particulate matter by 41%, and ozone by 22%
  • Ethanol lowers carbon emissions now
  • Ethanol adds octane and replaces cancer causing aromatics such as benzene, toluene, and xylene
  • Corn oil derived from ethanol production is used to make biodiesel



  • Ethanol costs less - every percentage increase in an ethanol blend at the pump results in a lower-priced product for Nebraska consumers
  • Ethanol means cleaner air for Nebraskans to breathe
  • Ethanol enhances engine performance